William Merrie

Born: 25th May 1774

Old Cumnock, Ayr, Scotland

Died: 27th May 1855

Romsey, Hampshire

My Great Grandmother used to own some family heirlooms that were passed down from William Merrie. Among these were his sword, pistol and papers from his time in the military. She gave them to the Scottish United Services Museum where I believe they are on display.
We know he was a member of the The Royal Scots Greys.

In a letter from the Curator of the museum, he gave us the following details that he managed to find on William Merrie.

Merrie was Q.M. in Captain Clarke's troop from 1804, he went on retired pay in August 1810. He is listed in the Army Lists until 1855, and dissappears in 1856. He received retired pay from 1810 to 1855.

In the 1830 Pigot Directory for Romsey there is a William Merry listed as the Head of Romsey Free School, which could possibly be the same person.

Address when he died was Latimer Street, Romsey.

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To: Lucy Green

Date: 6th August 1805

Location: Romsey, Hampshire



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